Monday, July 02, 2012

Life of Pi: Chapters 39-41
How did the zebra survive the force of hitting the lifeboat? Someone do the math for me...a 500 pound animal falling 40 fast would it have been going when it hit the boat?

Pi is kind of jumping around in time in this section, but I like the effect. Makes it feel like havoc.

What a dilemma...shark, tiger, or Pacific. Which way would you want to go if you had to choose?

It's amazing to me that humans think they can outsmart predators. Sure, there are a few hunters that may be able to, but I think the average person believes they would be able to outsmart a wild predator...hmph...humans...

I'm pretty sure I wouldn't feel any more secure with a wild hyena than I would with a tiger. Why is he so confident about the hyena initially?

There hasn't been much mourning expressed concerning the loss of his family. Why do you think that is?


Mariah said...

If I were in Pi's position and I had to choose between the shark, the tiger, and the Pacific as my means of dying I think that I would choose the tiger. The tiger being a land animal would probably go for the straight kill rather than just to eat, what I mean is the tiger would kill faster than the shark who would take bites, and the Pacific which would take longer to kill.
I agree that normal people think that they can outsmart wild animals. The normal frame of mind when it comes to wild animals, who are potentially dangerous, is that humans are superior and that they have a better reasoning complex. Animals on the other hand are predators by trade, they kill for their survival, and they have "trained" per say for many different situations. Animals might not have the reasoning complex like we do, but they certainly are much better off in a fight.

Leah Shear said...

The zebra most likely survived because it was in a free fall and wasn’t planning on landing on a lifeboat.

If I had to choose between a shark, tiger, or Pacific… I would choose tiger. If a tiger doesn’t feel threatened or hungry, it won’t attack a human. When a tiger attacks it knows where to bite, the neck, spine, or head, to make almost an instant kill, unlike a shark that sees food and will bite wherever it can. As for the Pacific, drowning does not seem like a fun way to go, being drug under the water countless amounts of time, not being able to breathe, knowing that you’re dying, and calling out for help when you know no one is there to save you.

I have been a hunter since I was ten… Even now; seven years later I never underestimate animals or think I can outsmart a wild animal. Animals are unpredictable!

Pi feels comfortable about the hyena initially because there is space between them and the hyena keeps fairly calm and quiet the first few days.

I think there hasn’t been much mourning expressed concerning the loss of his family because he knows they are gone and there’s nothing he can do about it and he knows he has to move on from his loss in order to stay focused on himself and survive.

Meridith Spohler said...

After falling 40 feet, I am extremely surprised that the zebra survived the force of hitting the lifeboat. It may have simply been pure luck that the zebra didn’t die from the steep fall.
If I had to choose how to end my life, and my only options were a tiger, a shark, or the Pacific Ocean, I would most likely choose the tiger. Tigers are natural-born killers; they know exactly how to kill their prey. Although death by tiger could be very painful, I think it would be the quickest of the three possible deaths. I am terrified by the thought of death by shark. A shark may bite, but it is not a guaranteed instant death. If you suffered a severe injury from the shark, you would eventually drown. I would rather be attacked by a tiger and die, then be attacked by a shark and drown. Death by the Pacific Ocean also frightens me because drowning would be a terrible way to go. You would know that death would be inevitable; yet, there could be nothing you could do to stop it.
When Pi discovers the hyena, he realizes why Richard Parker has not killed the zebra. He assumes that Richard Parker is no longer aboard because he thinks that there couldn’t be both a hyena and a tiger in such a small space. He is temporarily relieved because he says if he were forced to share quarters with a wild animal, he would rather it be “the upfront ferocity of a dog than the power and stealth of a cat” (110). Unfortunately, however, Pi soon realizes that he is wrong, and both animals are actually still in the lifeboat.
I think there hasn’t been much mourning concerning the loss of Pi’s family because he hasn’t had the time to come to terms about what has happened. The death of his family members may not be real to him yet. Instead, he is more concerned about the problem at hand on the lifeboat.

chang said...

If I were to choose between the three options, I’d probably choose the tigers. I think I’d be too afraid to jump in the water when there are sharks swimming around and the tiger would probably be the quickest death. The Tiger kills its prey before it eats it while the shark basically eats its prey alive.
He is confident about the Hyena because compared to the Tiger the Hyena is nothing. The Hyena weighs only a little more than Pi, while the Tiger weighs 450 pounds. I think I would be a lot happier facing an animal my weight rather an animal that has 300 pounds on me. In the book Pi Says “better the upfront ferocity of a dog than the power and stealth of a cat.” So in other words Pi isn’t even worried about the Hyena because the Tiger makes it look like nothing.
I think there hasn’t been much mourning over his family because he has just been too busy. He has a lot more things to worry about. He has to worry about the Tiger and Hyena, the sharks, what he’s going to do, how is he going to survive, how did this happen, and just a whole bunch of other questions. He just doesn’t have time he has to worry about surviving first.

Kristin Zink said...

"Which way would you want to go if you had to choose between a shark, tiger or the Pacific ocean?". In reality, none of the above. But if I HAD to choose I would say the tiger because dying in the ocean means you suffer and thats just awful. Sharks can't and won't eat you or even kill you in one bite most often. Sharks usually get an arm or leg first which has to be extremely painful and long. So therefore I would rather have a tiger be the death of me because they know how to kill something or someone instantly. They are animals born to hunt and kill within one bite. So, if the tiger killed me it would be one bite then it's over.
I do find it strange that Pi doesnt seem emotional about the loss of his family. It is in our human nature to mourn the death of a loved one, but Pi makes it seem like he isn't capable of doing that yet he can express feelings through words like he did with the religions. I think the reason he is so quiet about it, is the inital shock that within minutes his family is gone, animals are gone and he is thrown overboard into the freezing ocean with a tiger and sharks swimming around him. For anyone that is too much to process that he seems to have shut himself down. Right now for Pi, I think he is focused on staying alive before anything else.

Renee Goforth said...

If I had to choose between a tiger, sharks, or the Pacific, I would choose the tiger. Like most people above already stated, the tiger is most likely the quickest death. The Pacific is an unfriedly place, with unfriendly creatures, like the sharks. A tiger would most likely get the kill done and overwith as quickly as possible, unlike the sharks, who would practically eat you alive.
Pi feels calmer about the hyena because initially, compared to the tiger, the hyena doesn't seem like a threat. The hyena does make Pi cautious, but he isn't nearly afraid of it as he is of the tiger.
I think he hasn't mourned for his family properly because it hasn't really sunk in. Everything happened so fast and it just needs time to sink in. Pi will eventually mourn, when his mind is less occupied with survival.

Morgan Rinckey said...

If I had to choose to die by either a tiger, a shark, or the Pacific Ocean, I would pick the Pacific Ocean. I'd rather die of exhaustion or drowning rather than being riped open and eaten. Of course my body would most likely eventually be eaten, but at least I wouldn't still be alive when it was happening.

Pi is confident in living with the hyena instead of the tiger because he knows that the hyena is a subordinate male. Pi also assumes that the hyena could not swim, making a possible way for him to kill it. Hyena's are also known for attacking in packs, so maybe when it is by itself it will be useless. His prospects of survival are higher with a hyena than they would be with a tiger.

Pi has not mourned the loss of his family because he has not internalized it yet. He is so focused on his own survival that he has not truly considered the prospects of his family's survival.

Emily Liley said...

If I had to chose between dying from a shark, tiger, or Pacific, I would agree with most people who have already commented, and go with the tiger. Tigers are natural predators, who know exactly how to kill their prey. It would hopefully be a quick way to go.

Pi feels so confident about being on the boat with the hyena because for a long time he was so worked up thinking the tiger was on the boat that when he just saw the hyena it didn't seem like such a threat. I think he feels that with the hyena he has a better chance of survival.

I think the reason Pi has not spent much time mourning the loss of his family is because at first, he is not totally convinced that they are all dead. He looks for other signs of people or boats in the water, hoping to find more survivors. He also probably doesn't seem sad because he is concerned with keeping himself alive, and may not be thinking straight, especially since he is most likely dehydrated and hungry.

Blake Miller said...

If i had to die due to a shark, tiger, or the Pacific ocean, i would most likely choose the tiger. Drowning sounds like a terribly painful way to die so that's out of the question, and a shark may not kill me but injure me which might lead to me drowning. The tiger would most likely kill me fairly quickly and painlessly, seeing how they do that for a living.
I think the reason Pi isn't mourning the lost of his family is just the shock and terror he is in. His mind is probably pushing those thoughts aside so he can focus on the number one goal, survival. Once Pi becomes more at ease, or just accepts his fate of low survival, i'm sure the realization of his family will hit him.

Kelso Stark said...

If I had to choose between drowning or being eaten by a shark or tiger, after reading about what the hyena did to the zebra, I'd pick shark. Swim practice is like drowning some days, and being out of breath and not being able to get any air is one of the most terrifying experiences I've gone through. If the tiger killed me like the hyena killed the zebra, eating from the inside, that would be even worse because of suffering. However, they say Great White sharks can swallow you whole in one bite...

Pi is undoubtably relieved that the hyena was there because to him it meant that the tiger was not on board, and between a tiger and a hyena, he fears the hyena less.

I think that Pi is in shock of some sort. He knows him family could not have survived, and yet at the beginning of the section he was trying to get up higher so he could see other lifeboats. He is also concerned with his own survival, and he's focusing on things he can maybe do something about.

Nicole W said...

If I were in Pi's position I thinkn I would take my chances with the sharks. From what I have heard, sharks are more curious, and are not likely to attack. Whereas the tiger can get to be very territorial to the point where it will kill even if it is not hungry. I think Pi felt like he could outsmart the hyena because he found it to be kind of a dumb animal.

The reason Pi does not express so much mourning is probably due to he is in shock, or he still has that hope that his family is still alive and survived on a different lifeboat.

M.Martin said...

How did the zebra survive the force of hitting the lifeboat? Most likely the way it landed. The injury to its leg luckily saved its life.
Shark, Tiger, or Pacific? Congratulations, you have managed to combine some of my worst fears into one question! … If I absolutely had to choose I’d rather drown than suffer through an animal attack.
Humans will always THINK they are at the top of the food chain. Animals of any kind are completely unpredictable, and caution around them should never be taken lightly. Just like Pi’s father taught him and his brother Ravi when he put the goat in the Tiger pen. (Which as an owner of goats, it was very tough to imagine)
Initially, Pi is confident in himself against the hyena, because he feels he has enough skills to dominate over an animal of a somewhat small size. When he realizes he has not only the company of a hyena, but a tiger too, he immediately strays away from his plan to kill/injure the hyena.
Pi hasn’t had time to mourn the loss of his family. Honestly, deep down he probably still believes they could still be alive. Pi has to worry about saving his life before he can show any signs of weakness and/or vulnerability.

Tessa Savino said...

I don't understand how the zebra survived the fall, but as for choosing which way to doe I would most likely pick the tiger. Sharks don't always kill right away, half the time they just take an arm or leg and I wouldn't want to feel that. I feel like the tiger would be quicker and easier.

Delaney Preston said...

If I had to choose between a tiger, the ocean, or a shark, the option would be the tiger. A person cannot survive swimming for as long as he would have to so that option would mean death. The sharks are circling looking for a meal so the minute Pi would get in the water they would attack.The tiger might be a predator, but it was also a zoo animal which leads to some sort of domestication. I am not saying the tiger was like a dog, but there would be a chance of staying alive with the tiger.

Logan Smith said...

Choosing a way to die is not a decision that most people like to choose....thanks earl! In pi's position it would be hard to choose. Pi is very religious and in touch with nature so I feel that he would probably choose either the shark or tiger giving the choice not to himself to die but to nature. It seems logical that he wouldn't want to take his own life but lie the responsibility of the choice to another creature.

Andrew Gin said...

I think that Pi has a truly great quote in the book, although I cannot remember if it has taken place within these chapters. He says something along the lines of "suffering takes away empathy." I doubt that those were the exact words, but the meaning is the same. It is because Pi is in so much danger and suffering that he does not grieve for his lost family. Why is losing a family a problem when you are going to be eaten by a tiger or shark or hyena or die of thirst or hunger or other terrible event? If anything, the death of Pi's family should give some relief. He no longer has to worry about searching for them, and he knows that it is very likely he will see them soon, if he does truly believe in an afterlife.

On another gloomy note, I would definitely choose the Pacific out of those three options. Drowning would be terrible, but drinking the water and dying of dehydration would not be nearly as bad as being eaten by either animal.

Justin Corns said...

I did a little math. That Zebra would have hit that boat with an impact force of about 483 pounds or so; now, I may be wrong, but I highly doubt that a something falling into something with the force of nearly all of its body weight would have come out alive. As for choosing between a Tiger, a Shark, and the Pacific (oh my!) I'm thinking I'd test my luck with the tiger. I'm probably gonna die either way, so I feel like having an equal playing field with your predator might just give you a slim chance, and if not, the Tiger probably kills you the quickest anyway.

The problem with Humans is that they forget that the only reason we're on top of the food chain is because we're the best animal at killing other animals. Think about it. We've wiped out entire species before without even realizing it. The only reason nature doesn't screw with us is because our big brains allowed us to make ourselves untouchable. Without all of that, every day would be a fight for survival.

Maybe he just likes Hyenas. Who knows, Pi could have a secret hyena obsession that nobody knows about..

Meghan said...

Between a tiger, shark, and the Pacific, I would totally go for the tiger.Pi is confident about the hyena initially because with odds defying Zebra on board, the hyena is most likely to go for the zebra over Pi. Secondly, hyenas are slightly less terrifying than a tiger. Pi doesn't mourn his family in these chapters because his mind is focused on surviving and not dying.

larchmeany said...

The end.